DSWD: Piddig Town Consultant Eddie Guillen shares Best Practices in Convergence Forum || by Bernard Ver

Quezon City – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) central office conducts forum on convergence initiatives to showcase the practices and leanings of the convergence strategy implementation in the country held here on Wednesday [March 14, 2018].

Piddig Consultant Engr. Eduardo “Eddie” G. Guillen, former Mayor of the town in full support of Mayor Georgina Salazar Guillen, shares the convergence initiatives with different national government agencies implemented in the municipality.

Guillen highlighted the support of the stakeholders on their Hands-On Training, Entrepreneurial-Planning and Value Adding on Products in Piddig town -- addressing the convergence project of the government.

Gracing the occasion is the DSWD Under Secretary Maria Lourdes Turalde-Jarabe, DA Assistant Director Edna Samar, NAPC Convergence Model Director Ferdinand B. Hombrebueno, former DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, UP Associate Professor Ebinezer R. Florano and DSWD Director Christian Thomas R. Deloria.

In the meantime, Piddig Ilocos Norte is National Champion for Convergence Initiative for Sustainable Rural Development.


RA 7171 fund for LGU Piddig approved – Sangguniang Bayan | by Bernard Ver

Piddig, Ilocos Norte – The Office of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Piddig, Ilocos Norte ratified a resolution from the Municipal Development Council to dole out tobacco excised tax share for the local farmers on Monday (February 26, 2018).

The fund is amounting to 125 billion pesos fund from R.A. 7171 is apportioned for local government unit (LGU) of Piddig this year.

Four (4) members of the legislative body agreed namely: SBM Hershey Mandac, SBM Lendell Chua, SBM Wilbor Bringas and SBM Marianito Foronda. The lawmakers believe that the excised tax’s share must be cast-off for agricultural development.

Meanwhile, three (3) councillors strike down and voted “no” to the said resolution namely: SBM Quezon Alejandro, SBM Onofre Bayag and SBM Romulo Helario, Sr. -- they’ve wanted to obligate more time in assessing the fund and scrutinize it well.

In the other hand, SBM Rey Nicolas waved his right to abstain and had no opinion of the said purpose. Also, ABC Federated President Florentino Soriano was absent during the regular session due to a convention he have had attended in Clark, Pampanga.

Nevertheless, municipal mayor Georgina Salazar-Guillen expressed her appreciations to the members of the Sangguniang Bayan on their munificent effort.

 “It is high-time and indeed necessary for the LGU to give what is right to our town-folks especially the farmers,” added Mayor Guillen.

The allotted funds from the excise taxes (RA 717) are divided among beneficiary provinces. The laws says, must have an average annual production of leaf tobacco of no less than one million kilos.

It can only be utilized to develop the capacity and capability of tobacco farmers through: Cooperative projects, Livelihood projects, Agro-industrial projects and Infrastructure projects such as farm-to-market roads to ease transportation and lessen costs.###

(Bernard Ver, PBS/DWCI)


Gov. Imee Marcos: Ilocos Norte ready for Bi-centennial Celebration

Laoag City- “This year 2018, Ilocos Norte is set to push the boat for its 200 years of existence in the country,” Governor Imee Marcos said on a press conference held on Tuesday (January 9, 2018).
In history, the name Ylocos (Ilocos) was named by the Spanish conquistadors lead by Juan de Salcedo because of various sheltered coves (looc) in the province.
Geographically, Ilocos Norte covers a total area of 3,467.89 square kilometres (1,338.96 sq m) bordered by Cagayan to the extreme northeast, Apayao to the east, and Abra to the southeast, Ilocos Sur to the southwest, the South China Sea to the west, and the Luzon Strait to the north.
The celebration tails the Royal Decree that was signed on February 2, 1818 splitting Ilocos into two provinces: Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. Soon thereafter, La Union and Abra likewise became independent provinces. After the partition of Ilocos province in 1818, Sarrat was designated as the capital of Ilocos Norte until its transfer to Laoag within the year.
On the other hand, the Neo Classical-designed Provincial Capitol building that was erected in 1918 under the administration of Governor Florencio Castro turns 100 years old too. The Capitol was enlarged and remodelled in 1957 during the governorship of Antonio Raquiza and was inaugurated on December 28, 1958, under Governor Toribio Peralta.
Meanwhile, this year’s festivity will be participated by 21 municipalities and 2 component cities: Laoag and Batac thru the Tan-ok (Greatness) Dance Festival that is well thought-out by Governor Imee Marcos and tourism officer Aian Raquel showcasing traditions, culture, and beliefs Ilocandia has.
(Bernard Ver, PBS/DWCI)


LGU Piddig attends Year-end Food and Agribusiness Confab

Manila – The Center for Food and Agri Business (CFA) of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) holds ‘Year-end Food and Agribusiness’ conference with the theme “Sustainable Philippine Food and Agribusiness: How to shape the future?” on December 5, 2017 at Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

The first speaker is DR. ROLANDO DY, Executive Director, Center for Food and Agri Business (CFA) to envision the Agriculture Scenarios in 2017-2018; 2nd topic is Sugar Industry by Ms. ROSEMARIE GUMERA, Planning Manager, Sugar Regulatory Administration, 3rd is Food Service Industry by MR. PHILIP MORAN COO and General Manager - Amici Foodservice Ventures, Inc., 4th is Aquaculture Industry by MR. PHILLIP ONG - President, Santeh Feeds Corporation, 5th is the Animal Health and Nutrition Industry by MR. EDWIN MAPANAO, Chief Marketing officer, Univet.

Among the 6 (six) presenters of the said forum, one of them is Engr. Eddie Guillen, former mayor, now, municipal consultant of the local government unit (LGU) of Piddig, Ilocos Norte who shares LGU’s best practices entitled: “Local Government as Enablers in Agribusiness.” Back on, the town was recognized on its fulfilment to the convergence project of the different environmental agencies in protecting the ecosystem and upbringing consolidated farming in the province.

“This year’s CFA year-end forum focuses on Industry performance of selected commodities as key challenges in sustainable agriculture outlook and strategies in the year to come, 2018” - DR. ROLANDO DY

Meanwhile, the group is planning to have a bench-marking on sustainable agribusiness to LGU Piddig in coordination of Mayor Gina Salazar-Guillen.

(Bernard Ver, PBS/DWCI)


Guillen exhorts Sustainable Consolidated Farming

Ilocos Norte – The Farmers’ Cooperative in Piddig town spearheaded by Municipal Consultant Engr. Eddie Guillen reiterates the importance of consolidated farming to its members and villagers in a forum.
Using advance methodology of farming, Guillen urges the farmers to use the time-table plan and run on the usage of organic fertilizer for the second cropping before year [2017] ends.
“We should bear in our mind and hearts the essence of having a good system using the cooperative, let us work together and give momentousness in a centralized way of farming” – Engr. Eddie Guillen
Aside from that, the cooperative has the capability to lend a money to the members for a period of time with a promise that it will be paid back. Some members took their loan for additional farm supplies, and others for their basic needs.
Beforehand, the municipality of Piddig is recognized globally for best practices in pursuing the convergence project launched by distinctive government organizations–to acquire quality of goods and services for the people.
(Bernard Ver, PBS/DWCI)


DENR: Integrating Guissit Subwatershed Sustainable Development

Ilocos Norte – Engr. Sheila Camagong of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) – Ilocos Norte presents project profile and analysis for Guissit Subwatershed on sustainable development held at the Municipality of Piddig.

Camagong said that “the DENR aims to preserve the water-impounding project in the ecosystem by protecting it from water pollution, soil erosion and providing more trees around it.” The realization of the said proposal is through the collaborative effort of different agencies and stakeholders including the beneficiaries [farmers and town-mates].

The Guissit Sub-watershed serves as water harvesting, storage and designed for flood control by holding as much water during the rainy season for two towns namely; Piddig and Carasi.

Meanwhile, Piddig Consulatnt Engineer Eddie Guillen urges the agency to give more importance on the implementation, not just plans alone. “We are all indeed aware of what is happening in the environment. This (watershed) is one of our solutions for climate change, all our plans are good yet we need to walk our talk from here.”

However, Guillien express thanks to the government agencies and stakeholders in preserving the sub-watershed in the ecosystem and providing additional knowledge to the agronomists of the said towns.

(Bernard Ver, PBS/DWCI)

SB Sec of Sarrat Town on Preventive Suspension from office

Ilocos Norte – The office of the local chief executive of Sarrat Town Engr. Remigio Medrano serves Preventive Suspension against Sangguniang Bayan Secretary Dennis Dante Ribuyaco on the issue alleging the latter on misconduct for his actions caused insult to the integrity of the Sangguniang Bayan and of the municipality.
The issue started on the queries to prove that there is an existing ordinance of the legislative body declaring 22 quarry permitees to hold excavation of gravel and sand at the Padsan River, wherein, the LCE found out that only 5 amongst the 22 granted permitees are registered and legitimate.
The Philippine National Police served the directive last Friday (November 17,2017), yet Ribuyaco was on-leave. Although, Ribuyaco is ready to accept face the suspension and praying for a due process of law provided by the disciplining authority.
Hark back to the ordinance; the presiding officer of the Sangguniang Bayan Vice-Mayor Atty. Edito Alberto Balintona who was then the local chief executive said that “there should be due process before releasing such order.”
Meanwhile, former vice-mayor Esteban Agoy and the rest of the members of the law-making body during that period were called, yet, no one has a clout to speak-out for the allege faults.
For legality, according to the Local Government code of 1991–the Preventive Suspension may be imposed by the Disciplining Authority at any time after the issues are joined; when the evidence of guilt is strong; and given the gravity of the offense, there is great probability that the respondent, who continues to hold office, could influence the witnesses or pose a threat to the safety and integrity.
(Bernard Ver, PBS/DWCI)


Two Execs from Ilocos Norte finished Agri-Business Executive Program | UA&P

Manila – Mayor Remigio Medrano from Sarrat and Pagudpud town Mayor Marlon Sales graduated Agribusiness Executive Program from University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P) on Saturday [November 11, 2017].

Dr. Rolando Dy, ‎Executive Director, Center for Food and Agribusiness -‎University of Asia and the Pacific administered the commencement exercises early today.

A total 46 studes completed the Agribusiness Executives’ Program (AEP) in 6-months [three-day classes every month (Thursday to Saturday)] and receive certificate. The program designed to develop the managerial, analytical and strategic thinking skills of executives and managers in their own community in collaboration with agribusiness industry practitioners and experts.

After completion, they should apply management tools of benchmarking and competitiveness analyses and provides an in-depth understanding of global markets and supply/value chains. The AEP Graduates are considered alumni of the UA&P and are eligible for lifetime membership with endless opportunities for further learning, networking, and enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos expresses her warm congratulatory message to Mayor Medrano and Mayor Sales. “It is indeed a great opportunity for our town mayors in availing this kind of program. A continuous development to strengthen their core management skills and leadership,” said Marcos.

(Bernard Ver, PBS/DWCI)

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